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Hevy Journal #3

We had an amazing January in terms of revenue because of the New Years promotion and also likely due to new year resolutions.

We just finished a 10 day hack-a-thon in Barcelona. We spent it building the new Hevy web app. We didn’t quite get it finished like we thought we would. We definitely couldn’t move as fast as we did in Portugal. I think there’s a few reasons for this. Mainly it’s because we often weren’t only able to focus on the web app. Some time was spent fighting fires in the mobile app and a lot of time was spent having higher level strategy conversations. It’s also just impossible to recreate the fire 🔥 we had in Portugal, but I think that’s normal.

1.0 of the Hevy web app will allow existing users (no signup) to manage and share their routines. The first release will have two main benefits:

  1. Give users the ability to manage and change their routines on a big screen.
  2. Create an extremely beautiful routine page so that users want to share the routines they create.

We’re currently having to decide if it makes sense to start bringing in help for the business. Ryan is already doing development for us 2 days a month and we’re considering increasing that. We’re also thinking about bringing on an intern. We need to decide what’s a good investment of our money in terms of growth benefits per dollar spent. We're also considering the benefits of staying within our current revenue limits or if injecting a small amount of capital makes sense to speed up growth.